Well Logging


Open hole logging
Cased hole logging
Engineering logging
Perforating and sidewall coring
Data processing & interpretation


Over 40 units of ECLIPS-5700, EXCELL-2000, SL-6000 image logging systems and over 60 sets of necessary downhole instrument.
SL-3000, SKD3000, HH2530 digital control logging systems
eXpress, Geoframe, DDP, Swaws, Geologist, Forward data processing and interpretation software
Logging, perforating, sidewall coring for horizontal well, ERD well, UBD well and offshore well
Annual service capability: 17000 wells


Mud Logging


Geological logging
Data interpretation and evaluation


370 sets of mud logging units
380 sets of specialized mud logging equipments
Stratigraphical section logging technology, oil & gas & water recognition and evaluation technology, Ion chromatography analysis technology, comprehensive geological research & evaluation technology, well-site real-time data acquisition and transmission and application technology.
Annual service: 5000 wells
Maximum depth: 24436ft


Offshore Engineering and Construction


Oil-gas mixed transportation, sea water treatment and injection on offshore oil field
Off shore steel structure and Large-scale jacket fabrication, installation and the float-over installation technique for large-scale platform
Oil-gas gathering and transportation and pile plate integrated embankment construction in shallow water coastal oilfield
Shallow water Jetty-type road and Artificial Island construction technique. Beach protecting and Silt promoting
Shallow water coastal oilfield development with Terrestrial Development Mode, Water Depth: 6-16.4ft
Offshore platform and subsea pipeline construction, Water Depth: up to 229.6ft


Drilling Equipments & Services

Scope and Capabilities

Drilling depth: 3280~22960ft
Driven by: diesel engines; SCR; VFD
Rig Movement Style:

Fast moving (drilling depth 13,120 - 16, 400ft)
Helicoptable rig (drilling depth 6560 - 9840ft)

Operation Area:

Field, hill, swamp, desert, mudflat, chill area (operation temperature -45oC; storage temperature -60oC)

Moving rig can be quickly disassembled and reassembled immediately for operation on location
ZJ70D driven rig , equipped with TDS, is a SCR DC electric driven rig for deep wells
ZJ70/4500LDB is a compound-driven rig, driven by VFD and Diesel-Engines. The parts meet API standard, can drill 22, 960ft deep wells
ZJ30DBT drilling rig by electricity power and trailer-mounted is available for drilling on flat surfaces. With trailer module and cluster well moving system, the rig can drill 3 wells in line within the same wellsite.
Designed for special exploration of oil and gas, helicopter moving drilling rig for drilling and workover in oilfields.
Track and low temperature cluster drilling rig is a new VFD module rig designed especially for polar region. It adopts a double mode by self-preventing low temperature materials and providing hear in a small environment. It can be operated at -45oC and stored at -60oC, which meets with associated criteria and API standards, ASY/T%^)(, HSE and GOST.
Low temperature drilling rig truck, designed and built for low-temperature operation, available at -45oC.


Well Testing


MFE conventional test
APR casing test
Open-hole inflatable test
Perforation & test cooperation
Flow test
Slick line/cable well test
Well test interpretation

Down hole test equipments: MFE tester, APR tester, inflatable tester, down hole safety valve, electronic gauge
Surface test equipments; high pressure flow control system, large process load 3-seperator (Gas processing load: 170*104m3/d, liquid processing load: 2290m3/d), high pressure desander, data auto-acquisition system, ESD emergency shut-in system.
EPS, FAST, KAPPA well test interpretation software system
Simultaneous service for 30 well/layers
Maximum test well depth27814.4ft
Maximum test well depth:459.2ft
Maximum well depth with inflatable tester: 18872.5624ft
Maximum test interval in open hole:16728ft
Maximum test temperature: 172 oC
Maximum deviation:94 oC
Maximum wellhead shut-in pressure: 95 MPa
Maximum wellhead flow pressure: 88.3 MPa
Maximum H2S content: 40.5 * 104 mg/L


Oil & Gas Field Facilities (plants) and Special Tanks

Oil & gas gathering, oil processing, LNG, LPG and various types of petrochemical plants
Condensate gas field development
Different types of tanks including cone roof, dome roof, structure supported roof, floating roof, sphere tanks
Design and manufacture of all types of heat exchange and pressure vessels


Vessel Leasing

Short term vessel leases (few hours to one day)
Long term vessel leases (few days to several months)
Lightering/ Transhipment Services
Exclusivity-lease-contracts with Shipping and Oil Companies


Turn-key EPC ( Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Services


Drilling rigs, workover rigs and pumping units
OCTG, line pipes, casings, tubings and oil tank plates
Static equipment, including reactors, heat exchangers, towers etc
Rotary equipment including compressors, pumps, turbines and generators
Specific equipments and materials for both Upstream and Downstream

Strategic Sourcing
Supplier management
Quality Control (for materials and for manufacturing process)
Progress Control (Progress Control Plan, progress supervision, expediting and coordination of raw materials

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