Equipments and materials available for inspection

Tubulars (of various manufacturing processes, various standards, various grades, various diameter & wall thickness sizes and various internal/external coating types)
Drilling Rigs- (Mechanical drive, Compound drive, Electric drive, Truck-mounted and Trailer-mounted Rigs)
Drilling rig main components – Portable and Series Mud pumps, Crown blocks, Travelling blocks, Swivels, Drawworks, Rotary
Tables, Choke & kill Manifolds.
Drilling tools – Drill pipes, HWDP and Drill Collars
Well Servicing Equipments – Self-propelled Workover Rigs, Wheeled Workover Rigs and Wheeled Tractor Hoist Rigs
Cementing Units – Single pump single engine cementing units for shallow wells and double engine double pump units for medium and deep wells, including auxiliary cementing equipments like cement handling trucks, fluid supply truck, tank truck, cement tank and cementing manifolds systems
Fracturing Packages (including custom-made fracturing equipments)
Plunger pumps – Triplex and Quintuplet plunger pumps
High pressure manifolds – Swivel joints, plug valves, check valves, unions, straight tubulars, integral fittings and wellhead manifolds
Tubings and Casings (including Insulated tubings)
Oil Recovery Equipments (Pumping Units and Sucker Rods)
Special Vehicles for Oil Fields (Continuous Pumping Rod Vehicle, Well Repairing Vehicle, Cement Fastness Vehicle, Open-well)
Vehicle with Pedrail, Oil Recovery Vehicle, Nitrogen Generation Unit and Nitrogen Injection Unit)


Threading and Supply of Tubulars & Pipes

Insulated tubings

Integrated Services For Oil Well Production (from Seismic To First Oil)

Capturing Seismic data to determine “produce-ability” of oil block Rig drilling
Well logging, mud logging and well testing
First oil break

Consultancy Services
To secure, facilitate, broker and generally assist to obtain business for its clients
Participate in the Tender process for Projects
To harmonize the smooth running of the relationship with Client and the contracting company in respect to the performance of the Contract

Equipments And Materials For Upstream

Tubulars (various manufacturing processes, various standards, various grades, sizes and coatings)
Well-servicing equipments (Self propelled workover rigs, Wheeled workover rig and Wheeled Tractor Hoist rigs)
Drilling Rig main components (mud pumps, crown blocks, swivels, drawworks, choke & kill manidolds
Cementing Units (single pumps, single engine, double pumps, double engine types)
Fracturing Equipments
Offshore equipments
Oil Recovery Equipments

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